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AskOnyeka has come a long way from its beginnings, starting in our founder’s living room to having two locations in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria. When Onyeka Ibe (our founder) first started out, her passion for makeup and overall the beauty industry drove her to quit her day job, do tons of research so that AskOnyeka can offer you the best. We now serve customers all over the country.

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Onyeka Ibe.

Hi, I am Onyeka Ibe, founder and Editor of

My aim of establishing this website is very simple.

It can easily be broken down into these 5 basic things:

1. To help women answer various Makeup questions and services, and to keep them updated on latest trends and products.

2. To help showcase the talents and services of my finest beauty soldiers (staff).

3. To give advice and consultation on how to work with any budget to get you looking fabulous at all times.

4. To enforce the fact that all women are beautiful 

5. To empower and train people on the art of makeup.

My hope is that you visit often to get insightful updates and tips as mentioned above.

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Onyeka ‘Slim’ Ibe