Destination weddings….. Why people Prefer to Marry Far Away.


Hi every one, Hope you all are doing great. Recently people travel abroad just to get married. We have seen some Nigerian celebrities and even regular people having their weddings in places like Dubai, Paris, London etc, and we often wonder why. This has raised so many controversies, Some people says it is cheaper, could this be true?

According to one of Nigeria’s finest event planner Funke Bucknor in her recent interview on Studio 53 extra, people don’t just have destination wedding because it is cheaper but also because of intimacy. You will get to say I do in the presence of close family and friends; the people most important to you and you will get to enjoy each and every one of them more.

Here are some reasons I think people go for Destination weddings.

1. Simple to plan: Planning a wedding is simpler  because you don’t have to take care of so many things yourself, because most of the destination weddings have different wedding packages that are created by professional event planners, these can be arranged through phone calls or emails.

2. Unforgettable and memorable experience: Most destination weddings are done in beautiful tourist places. It allows creativity and uniqueness which makes it very hard forget.


3. Affordability: Of course when your guest list is reduced, your cost will too. For example if you had to plan for two thousand guests here back home, you will only have to plan for like two hundred guest or less. It will reduce so many things like food, flowers, and even décor. Your honeymoon cost too can be reduced because you can stay back after the other guest are gone, no extra travelling cost

So go ahead and get that once in a life time beautiful memory……. The feeling is priceless! 🙂


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