Discover beauty tips that can get you promoted

Yes, you are addressed the way you look. Your beauty can make people take you more seriously, Get fab tips on how your looks can take you to the top.

Beauty at a meeting


– Firstly always do the mirror speech. No amount of makeup can cover low self esteem. Every morning do a positive speech about your looks. This will make your makeup radiate bringing upbeat attitude to the table, because it is backed up with a beautiful spirit inside.

Don’t be a slave to trends; Create your own signature. Trust me this will emphasize your uniqueness and help you create a powerful personality. It cud be wearing a red lip or passion for glasses or for well groomed brow etc. Do anything that will decently make you get noticed *winks*

–  Those teeth  are more important than u think. Flaunt it! People who smile often as sincere, intelligent and trustworthy.

Try bold lips. The key is to do a very light eye makeup and do a strong lip like red or berry stain that draws attention to your mouth so people will listen to you.  

– Look aware and alive. No employer wants a tired looking team. If you have a dark circle around your eyes due to stress, dabbing a brightening concealer under your will do a quick trick. 

– Lastly don’t for get your hair. I have noticed that well made hair makes one look organized, professional, and responsible. 

Ladies, take this seriously because your beauty sense truly reflects your personality

Feel free to drop your comments, I will love to hear from you. Have a fruitful week ahead……..  Lots of love…. Onyeka

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