Divatude Dress Sense; Creativity At Its Best


Hello Super Fans, Hope Your weekend is going on smoothly. I came across this company when I was searching for shoes for one of my clients. Since then, I never under-estimate the power of creative minds.

Divatude Dress Sense by Amina is a company that makes, designs and sells customized SHOES and PURSES with pearls, Crystals, studs, and mirrors tailored to meet the customer’s satisfaction.  I like the fact they make sure every piece is unique for a particular client. Their pieces are fabulous for engagement , weddings, dinner etc.

See some of their pieces here





















They even customize for kids!!!! It is So So Adorable





They all so inspiring and beautiful, I know you all like them too. Trust me one will surely stand out wearing these lovely shoes and purses. i recommend them for brides too.

I can help you bargain and also help you with your selection for your events. Ask Onyeka…….. Love you all.

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