Do you have dark circles under your eyes? See how to cover them

Even after applying makeup, dark circles under the eyes can make your makeup look rough, most remedies for dark circle often works slowly (See home remedy for dark circle). While you wait, try these few steps to achieve a flawless look .

– Moisturize the face and under the eyes. This will help the other products to absorb smoothly. So get a good moisturizer.

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how to cover dark circles around the eyes
– Use a corrector. Most time a concealer do not give full coverage and is not enough to cover a very dark circle so I recommend you use a corrector first, to help correct the dark color and fill up the circle. I recommend MUD corrector or Bobbi brown.

– Next apply a concealer. when applying concealer it is important you press and pat the product in. Do not rub. Then blend to avoid crack or face looking caked.

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getty image
– Then apply foundation still using pat method

– Lastly set the entire face with face powder and you are good to go.

I hope this helped you a bit.
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