Happy Client; Maryjane’s Wedding Makeover

Hello everyone. I want share some few pictures of this awesome bride. She had always wanted to be one of my happy bride.  Maryjane was a calm bride and she allowed me do whatever I think is best for her. In her own words she said ‘’Onyeka, I trust you,  just make me look beautiful’’ and I did just that 🙂 . She totally loved it.

I have been waiting for the photographer to send me some proper professional pictures to no avail. So I just have pictures I took with my phone.


C360_2014-07-19-09-45-59  C360_2014-07-19-09-55-03


I will put up the camera pictures as soon as they come out.

Thanks Maryjane for the opportunity to work on you on this very special day of your life! 🙂 #Hugs#

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