Wedding Tips: How to Get a Good Food Service on Your “BIG DAY”



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Food! food! food! As of when i was writing this post I just finished a hot plate of rice and Ofe Akwu( A soup made with palm fruits) and I am like, Onyeka why not write about food today? 🙂

Food they say is the window of a man’s heart. Food service for me the most important aspect of an event especially celebrations parties. Trust me when your event is filled with delicious delicacies your event automatically becomes unforgettable.

To be frank some times I have this inner joy when going to some events because I know there might be some tasty meals and delicacies at my reach. I love cooking but sometimes I enjoy meals prepared by someone else( I am sure there are people who feel this same way). And you know what? I never forget good meals and services. yes services. When you have poor ushering service it can turn your guests off and some might end up not eating at your event. So all these should be put into consideration.

To make sure you hire the best catering/food vendor, try attending one of their events to have an experience of their services. Don’t forget to have a taste of one or two of their menus. With this you can know what to expect on your big day. Also you can also use a recommended vendor by friends, relatives and event planners who have used that particular food vendor before, they at least have better over all experience. See Onyeka’s recommended catering/food services( coming soon)

Don’t over bargain. Don’t get me wrong, of course you should bargain, whether high or low budget weddings/event, we all want good prices, but please don’t over bargain when it comes to food. Like they say in Yoruba ”obe to dun owo lon kpa”(hope I got that right) which means literally means that ”a delicious soup is made with good money”.

When you over bargain in delicate matter as this you might think you have gotten away with it, but don’t be surprise if your meals don’t come out as good as it was when you tasted it at one of their previous events. So do bargains that will be comfortable with the caterer, so they can in return make you happy. Also never forget to agree on your menu list and number of guest you are cooking for.

Finally When you have succeeded in choosing a caterer, I will always advice you always keep in touch (this is a must for me do this when I plan any event) this will show them that your wedding/event means so much to you. Keep reminding them of your date and venue, if possible have them visit your venue before the D day to avoid them having troubles locating the place on that day.

Follow all these steps and you are good to go! Have a yummy event!

Send in your Questions, I  am ever ready to answer……….. Onyeka

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