How to Select Your Right Shade of Foundation

How to Select Your Right Shade of Foundation

It is very annoying when you buy a bottle of foundation only to apply it when you get home and find out it is a wrong shade for you 🙁

To avoid this, you need to know how to choose the right shade and type of foundation. Put these into consideration.

Your Skin Type

When choosing foundation it is very important to put your skin type into consideration. Those that has oil skin should go for oil free and water based foundations. If you have dry skin, go for moisturizing foundation that has some glycerin in it. For the lucky once who have combination skin, use any of them depending on which skin type (dry or oily) that you fall more into.

Your Desired Coverage

This depends on how your good your skin is, if you have a good smooth skin, I recommend you go for light coverage foundation. If you have blemishes on your skin you may want to go for medium or heavy coverage as the case may be.

How to Select Your Right Shade of Foundation

Your Shade

This is the most important. Just looking at the bottle will not help you to find your right shade. To get your right shade apply foundation (testers/samples) on your neck all the way to your chest, if you are not allowed to open product, take the bottle close to your neck and match. Compare with your face complexion.

Go for the shade that disappears into your skin ,that you  find it hard to know where exactly you applied it. Sometime I advise you go for a shade one shade lighter that your complexion. Also remember that the selection should be done with a natural daylight to avoid mistakes.

I am sure this will help, let me know if it helped you to make a good choice 😉

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