Makeup Mistakes? Learn How to Fix them Instantly


Hello Beauties and makeup lovers. It is nice having you on my blog again. Today i will be taking you through six makeup mistakes when doing your makeup and how to fix them without having to take off all of your makeup. We all make mistakes and fixing them can be quite challenging. Read this post to learn how to fix this instantly.

1. TOO MUCH FOUNDATION: Avoid excess foundation and concealer on the face as much as possible, but If you notice that you put too much foundation, wet a clean sponge with water( make sure the sponge is almost dry and makeup free) and sponge all over your face, then use finger to blend product in.


2. WRONG SHADE OF FOUNDATION: If you moderately apply a lighter foundation, not to worry just apply a darker loose or compact powder all over your face. Do the opposite if you applied a darker foundation, apply a lighter foundation over your face, this fixes this instantly. However, if the wrong shade applied is too much, use the sponge method to take away excesses before applying this method.


3. EYESHADOW TOO DARK OR TOO MUCH: Use a clean eyeshadow over the eyes to reduce the colour, if it is still dark apply a matte cream eyeshadow or a translucent powder to blur the eyeshadow. Blend, Blend, Blend.


4. EYEBROWS TOO DARK : Simply, brush the eyebrow with an eyebrow brush or a clean old mascara brush(free from product) until it fades, this fades the darkness instantly. You can go further by sweep a translucent powder over your brows.

5. TOO MUCH BLUSH: Simply stoke your cheeks with a thick loose powder brush that is completely clean. You can also apply a loose powder over the blush to fade out the blush instantly.


6. SMEARED YOUR MASCARA: This can be really annoying, but don’t feel bad, just give it sometime to dry. When it gets flaky, use a dry cotton bud or tissue rolled up like a pencil to gently remove it. If the smear is on your eyes you can add a little of the same colour on the eyes, if it is on skin, dab a little foundation and sweep a translucent powder over it.

Stay Beautiful…… Ask Onyeka

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