Makeup Inspiration; Sunflower Girl


Hello dearies, I hope you all are having a happy holiday. Today I will show you how I achieved this look. I did this makeup last year, however I want to share with you how it is done. Let’s begin…

For the eyes

First, I used Jordana fabubrow pencil in Brown for the eye brows. I defined and highlighted the brow bone with Milani Concealer in 02 . I then primed (an eyeshadow primer or base, helps the eyeshadow to have more intensity and helps last longer) the eyelids with NYX eyeshadow base with a small detailed eyeshadow brush.

Then I used a brown and red matte eyeshadow as my transition color (A transition color is a light matte color that is used between the lid/crease eyeshadow color and the brow highlight) and a bright yellow on the lid. I used a red colour on the outer corner of the eyes, all from the Bh cosmetic party girl eyeshadow palette .

I lined the eyes with Jordana fine Liquid liner in Black from the lash line, and milani liquid like pencil in Aqua on the waterline. Next I applied mascara, and then finally I applied model rock lashes, using Duo lash glue.

Final outcome for the eyes

For the face

I primed the face with No 7 primer, and I used marykay foundation in 600 and highlighted the under eyes with LA girl HD pro conceal in Fawn. I set the highlight with Milani compact powder in medium and used Milani compact powder in Warm all over the face. I used sleek contour kit to define the face put a little blush on the cheek, after that I applied Bh bronzer

Final outcome for the face

For the Lips

For the Nude lips, I used Kayge Lip pencil in Toast  and Kayge Lipstick in Flower  and a clear lips gloss from flori roberts

For the red lips, I used kayge Lip pencil in classic red  and Kayge Lipstick in Color Pop.

Final outcome for the lips

Over to you…

Have you used any of these makeup techniques or products before?

Please share your comments and questions below

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