Read this to know how to cover skin imperfections


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Hi darlings, I trust you are doing good. Today I will talk about hiding skin imperfections. With what I have seen so far, most women have something on their skin that they wish they could make disappear. How ever if this cant be permanently achieved, one should go for cosmetics to temporarily hide it. A foundation or concealer can do this trick.

When choosing these cosmetics, go for clinically tested, non comedogenic, non-greasy, and a natural shade selection. When working on a clients sometimes I have to mix two or more shades to get a perfect skin match.

– Gradually apply until complete coverage is obtained. Always use shades close to your normal shade.

– Dab products in, whether you are using a foundation or concealer, instead of rubbing and dragging products on the skin, dab it in. It works!

– Before applying concealer or foundation, I advise you apply an oil free primer. This will help prepare the skin for a smoother application.

– Blend, blend and blend. Blending is a must in camouflaging especially when working on large areas. For a nice smooth finish, use a dry, wedge-shaped sponge or a beauty blender to evenly blend make-up on face and neck.

– For targeted areas such as scars and blemishes use fingertips to blend edges.

– Lastly, for areas lighter than your skin,( in the case of scars that led to loss of pigment), use a darker concealer on the areas.

Try this and let me know how well it worked for you. Your question is my passion.


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