Great Tips On How To Cut Cost When Planning A Wedding

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It is bad to spend the first few months of being married paying of debts made during the wedding preparations. Couples should be really careful when spending for a wedding party. Here are some few ways I think you could cut down on you spending.


Why buy when you can rent? Let’s be frank here. Most of the things we buy during weddings may not be used again. A very good example is your wedding gown; this might not be worn again by you. Flowers, plates, centerpieces and so on might never be used again. So my humble advice is for you to rent some certain things other than disposables that you know you won’t need for a long time.

• Ask you bridal party and groomsmen to help too. Choose a color and ask your bridal train to wear any design they have. For example a long red dress, a red tie etc. Same thing applies to the groomsmen, choose a color of tie or suit and make them wear it for you on your day. Make sure you choose a color that they can easily find in their wardrobe. You may also want to do a meeting so you all can agree on what they have already.


• To reduce the number of seat arrangement, instead of having kids seated at the same table with the adults, you can have an area where kids can be more casual and can have a small party of their own(after all they always get bored during wedding receptions). Apart from saving cost, this is a great idea that will enable adults with kids enjoy the whole party. Am sure you guests will love you for this.

• For the food during the reception, you may inquire with catering schools. I guess their prices will be on the low side. You may also ask close friends or family members that you know have good cooking skills to cook for you. But I strongly advise that you should be careful with you this. if you can’t find way of getting this service cheaper, get a professional. As an event-planner I know the importance of food in an event and I never joke with the part at all.

• Of course if you wanted to cut down on the cost for your wedding party, you just invite less people. Select wisely. A small well planned wedding is far better that a big disorganized party.

• For the music, you can look for a local or a DJ. You can also have your favorite songs just downloaded from the Internet and saved to an mp3 player or CD to be played over the speakers during the reception.

• When considering the cost of church decorations, check if there will be another couple that will get married on the same day. They may want to coordinate what decorations can be used for both wedding ceremonies to lessen the need to change decorations before or after the wedding and to split the cost.

• Photography is another area where you can spend lots of money. Bargain carefully with your photographer. You may want to hire someone who can charge according to the number of pictures he took that on that day. Ask him to take snapshots of only relevant moments.

• Lastly, always remember ……..

Getting married should not be expensive. After all, the essence of marriage is in the union and not in the celebration. You shouldn’t also try too hard to please the guests. Your family and friends are there to rejoice this wonderful event with you and not to criticize your wedding. Have fun and stay happy. I wish you a blissful married life.

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