7 Things You Should Know About Your Cleanser

African American woman washing face

Cleansing is a necessary part of  your beauty regime. It help to take off makeup residues that could block your pores and cause acne. However there are some few important things we should know about this beauty must have. Read on.

• It works with time. Some people are very quick judge and discard their cleansers. Give it some time. Some cleansers can take up to 6 months until it gives you its full effect. So hold on, consistency is everything.

• Cleanse morning and night.

• It has different types. Some people fail to know that there are cleansers for different skin types. When you have a dry skin and you use a cleanser that is meant for oily skin, you tend to break out because the dries out the entire natural oily needed on your face. Please always read through before you buy.

• Cleansers comes in lotions, cream, liquid etc which ever you want to use, read through and make sure it is appropriate for your skin. Rinse off residues of the cleansers with lukewarm water if instructed.

• Don’t Be Tempted. You might want to over apply to make your face over clean. This can be very harmful to your skin and cause acne. Gently massage in circular motion to avoid irritating the skin.

• Cleansers are not for only the face; cleanse the neck and the shoulders.

• Lastly, Do you know that your cleanser can be used to cleanse your makeup brushes? This works perfectly well, it doesn’t only clean the brushes, it also disinfects them.

Go ahead and make the best out of your cleansers. Stay beautiful…….. Feel free to drop your comments below….Lots of love….


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