Gele inspirations; How to tie Gele Yourself

14842_10151288753707701_854637884_n  Nigerian women are now known to wear gele(Head gear) to several occasion.
Gele is a Yoruba word which literally means ” Head Scarf”‘ or “headgear”. These beautiful African pieces gives a woman a sophisticated edge. They are usually worn with traditional attire.
Some women don’t wear Gele just because they don’t know how to tie it. I think every woman should learn how to tie their gele them selves.

In this post I shared some pictures to give you inspiration and a DIY video by our very own makeup legend Ewar of blessed memory.  Send me pictures of yours after the lessons, I am sure this will help because it helped me learn how to tie my gele on myself. Enjoy and learn…… Your question…. My passion 184578_301324406653044_921038949_n     Wedding-Gele-styles-6






Feel free to leave your comments. I will like to hear what you think…. Lots of Love….. Onyeka

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